Zurich Backs #1000blackinterns

Zurich Backs #1000blackinterns

Ngozi Nnaji

When a world leader speaks everyone should take notice. Zurich, a multinational insurance giant and the largest insurer in its home country of Switzerland, is speaking loudly and clearly on the movement for Black inclusion in the insurance industry. Zurich North America has come out publicly in support of the #1000blackinterns movement and in doing so has made it clear where the firm stands on diversity, equity and inclusion. Zurich is the first firm to make a public stance and many others will follow. 

“Zurich is proud and excited to serve as an Industry Champion with #1000blackinterns.”

Zurich has a customer base in over 200 countries and employs tens of thousands. Their strength is a byproduct of the firm’s core values and its commitments and diversity is one of those. By making a public stance in support of #1000blackinterns, Zurich North America is signaling to the insurance industry that diversity strengthens their firm and as studies have shown, increases profitability. For smaller and competing firms that carry skepticism on the matter, they should consider Zurich’s stance as authoritative. 

There is growth in diversity and industry leaders are boldly making their stance clear. #1000blackinterns will continue to spotlight leaders in the insurance industry that align with our values. Further, the movement will continue to foster opportunity for Black talent and create pathways for that talent to contribute to the insurance industry. #1000blackinterns is grateful to Zurich North America for its support of our movement and the firm’s example as an industry champion. We encourage others to support Zurich and also follow its lead.

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